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Edith will instantly enchant you. 
She is a fascinating lady, that radiates a quiet assurance and a poised enticing calm that not only charms, but immediately puts you at your ease.

Having a very groomed, stylish, fit and healthy appearance is very important for Edith. 
She makes sure her figure is always maintained in perfect condition and to ensure that her wardrobe is chosen with equal care. 
Her Makeup is always elegant, refined and seductive and that it perfectly matches the occasion.

Edith regularly practices other sports and fitness regimes to maintain herself in the peak of health and loveliness; she is also a keen reader and loves the intellectual stimulation and sense of serenity that this activity brings.

Her clear and pure skin is unbelievably smooth and shines in full grace. Her fine lined nose and full seductive lips will make you meditate for a moment in order to imprint this beautiful image of delight in your imagination.

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You can meet Edith in your private residence or in your Hotel.
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