Escort etiquette

Escorts are women who like to be treated like any other respected date. The happier you make them, the happier they will make you. Prepare for your escort's arrival the same way you would for a date. After all, escorts offer more than just sex. Often you get good conversation and personal companionship as well.

A clean personal appearance and a nice place to meet are musts. Romantic fantasies with props are also likely to help the escort unwind. Music, a pleasant video, candlelight – show her you are a gentleman and sophisticated lover. Even though she is a pro, if she is having a good time, then you will too.

Please don’t leave your wallet lying around as a test of the escort’s honesty. Make sure to have the fee and tip ready upon arrival. Should your escort be late, contact her to see if there has been a misunderstanding or delay. Please indicate if you wish for it to be a smoking or non-smoking appointment.

If this is your first time with an escort, tell her so she can help you with the experience and give you all the information you need. She will probably use a script to establish trust, make you feel more comfortable and get to know you better so she can cater to your needs.
Normally, the escort will start out asking some general questions to find out about your knowledge of the services she provides. If you've used similar services before, let her know so she is aware that you know the rules.

Let the escort know what you expect from your date with her. Escorts are not shy and you can be comfortable talking to them about your sexual interests. That is what they are there for - they won’t be bothered! Conversation may include small talk (e.g. help with being more confident around women) or longer talks about personal problems if you so wish. You do not need to impress escorts - they are there for your enjoyment. Be nice to her and you will get real companionship in return.

During sexual interaction with an escort, understand that she is a woman just like any other with physical needs and that she will respond to your actions. If you want to have a good time, make sure she does too and maximise your pleasure by doing so. Be romantic, sensual and playful, and show her you are a good lover. Let her guide you if you wish and enjoy the experience she has to offer.

Ask your escort beforehand what she is prepared to do and which things are off-limits. The date will go much more smoothly if both sides know where they stand. No sex without protection, and any denial of service must be respected.

Once it is over, it's time to shower and say good night. Even if the sex isn't all that great the first time, remember that just like everything else, it gets better with practice. If you are clean and polite, the escort will look forward to seeing you again. After a few sessions, you will become a regular client and develop a relationship based on trust and confidence.