Ancient Courtesans and Modern Escorts

The term “courteasan” - originated around 1500 - is referring literally to a woman of the court: and these “Medieval Escorts” were women of courts! Well-educated, independents, eventually a trained artists or artisans of dance and singing, courtesans were women who were give luxuries and status in exchange for entertainment and companionship.

The ancient courtesan was a glorified and a high class escort: intelligent, clever, with a lovely physique, skilled in the ways of companionship, educated on topics such as music and art. In Renaissance Europe, she had an important role in high class society, sometimes taking the place of wives at social roles and usually enjoyed more freedom than was typical of women at the time.

Some of them were among the best-educated and most literate and cultured women of their time, with the ability to maintain elevated conversation about philosophical and intellectual issues in their “saloons”.

The modern escort is very similar to ancient courtesans: she ‘s classy, educated, elegant, sophisticated, well-travelled, very discreet, dynamic, confident, integer and more beautiful from the inside then the outside; before anything else is a Lady, a talented entertainer, capable to create a deep and special connection with her client on a mental, emotional and spiritual level as well. A gracious woman, feminine, naturally elegant with an excellent education: generally she is from middle class or upper class, has enjoyed higher education and usually hold at least one master degree or even PhD. Accustomed to luxury things, she is a free spirit as she loves the company of powerful, intelligent, elite gentlemen instead to be available only for one partner.

On the other side gentlemen of distinction and discernment generally are not looking for a quick encounter only to satisfy mostly physical needs: generally they seek a true companion, a real woman, an authentic person with whom have an experience, an intimate and romantic encounter which includes also intelligent conversation. And for this kind of men the elite escort is the perfect companion.

Indeed the high class escort - courtesan is extremely selective as she is available only to a very restricted elite of gentlemen: she offers her “exclusivity” so that it is custom to meet a selected few regular clients and not see more than those.

About her appearance she looks very elegant, feminine and discreet, more conservative than sexy: always dressed appropriate for the situation. She takes very care of herself both physically (health and beauty) and mentally. Her social etiquette is impeccable and she is able to sustain any conversation about current affairs, politics, art, history, general culture.

These high class escorts – courtesans are simply wonderful women with a great capacity for love!